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How can cohabitation agreements help Gig Harbor couples?

It is often advisable for couples in Gig Harbor contemplating marriage to enter into a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle. However, what about couples who live together, but have no intention of marrying? Is there a way they can protect their financial interests if they later break up?

Don't overlook the financial implications of legal separation

Some couples in Gig Harbor find that a separation is, for the time being, a better alternative than divorce. They may have many personal reasons for believing this. Some may feel that they just need some time apart before deciding whether or not to end their marriage, while others may have religious or financial reasons for declining to divorce. Whatever the reason, it is important to remember that even couples who have legally separated still have financial ties with one another.

There may be advantages to a legal separation before divorce

Sometimes, when a married couple in Washington initially separates, they choose to treat it as a trial separation, giving them the time and space needed to determine if they want to move forward with a divorce or whether there is a possibility of reconciliation. However, are there any advantages for a couple to simply remain separated, without ever moving forward with a formal divorce?

How is property division addressed in a legal separation?

For various personal reasons, there may be times when a married couple in Washington decides to seek a legal separation, rather than a divorce. One of the issues that the court will address in a legal separation, like a divorce, is the division of assets. However, the way property will be divided in a legal separation often depends on the type of separation the couple is seeking.

What is the difference between a legal separation and divorce?

When a couple first gets married, divorce is probably the furthest thing from their minds. However, some Washington couples may find that after years or even decades of marriage, they have grown apart and are ready to go their separate ways. While couples in these situations may feel divorce is their only option, for some legal separation may also be an option to consider. These couples may be interested in learning more about the differences between divorce and legal separation in Washington.

Legal separation can help couples planning to divorce

Sometimes, a married couple in Pierce County may realize that their relationship is not working out the way that they intended it to, and it may lead to the couple parting ways. Although divorce is the first thought that may come to a person's mind, couples living in Washington should be aware that there is another option to consider.

Division of community property between couples

The division of assets and liabilities between a couple are often the most contentious issues at the time of legal separation or divorce. Washington is a community property state, which means that the property that the couple shares will be divided equitably between them in the event that they divorce. Property that was acquired by either spouse or partner after the marriage or domestic partnership is usually treated as community property. According to the laws, each partner or spouse is considered to have an equal interest in the property that they share, which means that each spouse owns half of the community property.

How separation contracts work in Washington

Any couple in Washington whose marriage is going through separation or ending in divorce, or whose domestic partnership is dissolving, has the option to execute a separation contract that will help settle contentious issues between the parties. This type of contract sets out the obligation of both parties with respect to each other at the end of the relationship and afterward.

Legally separated spouses can file tax returns individually

Residents of Gig Harbor, Washington, would agree that after the end of Christmas and New Year festivities, one of the major worries for Americans is filing their federal income tax returns. Since there are various categories under which income tax returns could be filed, many individuals prefer to seek guidance while filing their returns in order to save a few dollars.

Pointing out the advantages of legal separation to couples

In any relationship, partners often encounter tough times. Some Washington State couples may realize that their marriage is suffering or that unexpected life changes are taking a toll on their relationship. And while many friends and family members may suggest that the couple get a divorce, our Pierce County-based law firm would like to discuss the advantages of legal separation for many of these Washington State couples.

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