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Can a court deviate from the standard child support formula?

Despite there being a standard formula for calculating child support in Washington, all families are unique and some life circumstances must be accounted for. That is why Washington Statutes allow for a deviation from the standard child support formula in certain circumstances.

How to establish paternity for child support purposes

In order for a child support order in Washington to be made, the biological father of the child must be identified. Of course, if a couple is married before the child was born, it will be presumed that the husband is the biological father of the child for legal purposes. Similarly, if the child's mother was in a registered domestic partnership while pregnant, that will also constitute a presumption of parentage. However, how can paternity be established if the child's parents are not married or in a domestic partnership?

Making sure a child support award is fair and appropriate

Parents in Washington who have ended their relationship with one another may have many concerns. First and foremost, they may be concerned about the well-being of their child. They will want to see that their child gets through the divorce or break-up as well as is possible. They may be concerned with how much parenting time they will have with their child. Finally, they may be concerned about child support, wanting to see that a fair amount is set.

Washington courts may impute income in child support cases

Even when a child's parents are no longer in a relationship with one another, they still must contribute financially to raising the child. This is why, in general, the noncustodial parent will be ordered to pay child support to the custodial parent. Some noncustodial parents may not like this obligation, and some may even try to shirk this duty by purposely being unemployed or underemployed. However, doing so will not get them out of their child support obligation.

Lawyers can assist clients with their child support issues

Child support is an essential component in making sure that one's child is properly provided for, so that he or she can grow and thrive. Payments, therefore, will correlate with the financial needs of the child and custodial parent. However, the noncustodial parent's financial needs are also important as well.

Child support and its limits in Washington State

When Washington State parents are parting ways, and the determination as to how much child support will be paid from the supporting parent to the custodial parent, there are many factors that will be considered. Of course, the best interests of the child and the everyday expenses that will arise will be paramount. Many parents, however, are not aware that there are state-implemented standards for the upper and lower limits on what will be paid. This depends on the income of the parents.

Actor Charlie Sheen involved in child support dispute

When a famous individual is embroiled in a child support dispute, it often makes the headlines due to the significant amount of money involved. However, parents paying or receiving child support in Gig Harbor may find themselves facing a child support dispute no matter what their wealth.

Legal help may be available for parents seeking child support

When parents in Washington separate or divorce, the court will establish a child support order. After all, it is the responsibility of both parents to care for their child and meet their child's financial needs. Therefore, it is important that an appropriate amount of child support is ordered.

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