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Mediating child custody issues may be preferable to litigation

When it comes to resolving child custody issues, there are options besides litigating every little disagreement. One of these options is mediation. In fact, per Washington law, the court may order mediation before a hearing takes place. The purpose of having parents go through mediation is to attempt to reduce the acrimony they may have with one another, and to allow them to develop an agreement that will allow the child to have close and continuing contact with each of his or her parents once the parents divorce.

It's never too soon to address holiday child custody schedules

Halloween is almost here, and Gig Harbor children are eagerly anticipating pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating. Following soon on the heels of Halloween is Thanksgiving and after that, the winter holidays. It is a busy time of year for many families. The holidays can become somewhat complicated, however, when a child's parents are divorced.

Do not make your child a pawn in child custody disputes

When courts in Gig Harbor make child custody decisions, the standard they use is the best interests of the child. However, while the courts may look at things objectively, parents, in a heated divorce, often cannot agree on what are actually in the child's best interests of their child. And, in the worst of circumstances, parents will not do what is in the child's best interests.

What factors will a court consider in parental relocation cases?

It is not unusual for parents in Washington to move. Perhaps, they were offered a better job in another city or state. They may want to live in a more desirable area of the country, or they want to live closer to family. However, when parents are not married, and the custodial parent wishes to relocate, there are certain legal factors that must be considered.

Divorce, child custody and the budding Olympian

Americans across the nation have been tuning into the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Watching elite athletes compete for medals and win is truly inspiring. What is also inspiring are the sacrifices their parents made to help these athletes on the road to gold. Moreover, these athletes serve as role models to children in Gig Harbor and nationwide, whether the children are involved in swimming, gymnastics or any other sport.

Children need consistency and stability after a divorce

As Gig Harbor parents may know, children thrive on consistency and stability, especially after a divorce. Unfortunately, there are times when this security is shattered when one parent or the other interferes with the established child custody and visitation schedule.

Understanding a parenting plan with child custody

When a couple in Gig Harbor decides to end a marriage, one of the more difficult issues that will arise has to do with children. Child custody is frequently a contentious issue, and the best intentions can spiral into an endless cycle of disagreements and outright fighting as to parenting time, visitation rights and any other issue that encompasses the maintenance of a relationship with children. A way to avoid the harshest disputes is to come up with a parenting plan. Understanding what a parenting plan is and what it is designed to do is key to a satisfactory resolution.

Fathers' rights in Gig Harbor are important all year round

Father's Day has come and gone, but it is important to keep in mind that children benefit from having a nurturing and supportive father in their lives. Unmarried fathers in Gig Harbor who are no longer in a relationship with their child's mother may want to seek custody or visitation with their child, who they may love very much. However, before they can do so, they may need to establish paternity.

Representing our clients' interests in child custody cases

Married couples with children in Gig Harbor may not anticipate ever getting divorced. Unfortunately, the passage of time could lead to changes in personalities, changes in personal goals, disagreements that never seem to end and other factors that may lead a couple to decide that divorce is their best option for their future happiness and well-being. While the time leading up to the divorce and the divorce process can be painful, it is good to know that by seeking legal representation, you can have someone on your side defending your rights.

What if I disagree with a parenting plan in Washington?

Unfortunately, even after the divorce decree is signed and a parenting plan is in place, disagreements between parents can still arise. For example, one parent may feel that they have not been given a fair amount of time with their child. Other times, custodial parents may be tempted not to allow the non-custodial parent to enjoy his or her visitation rights if he or she has failed to pay child support. However, once a parenting plan in Washington is legally established by the court, both parents are obligated to abide by it.

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