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Older couples may benefit from a prenuptial agreement

Washington couples considering marriage may have a lot on their mind besides the stress and romance of wedding planning. Once the big day is done, and they are united in marriage, their finances will be tied together in a way that they weren't when they were single. This can be particularly significant for older couples who may have been married once before or who, over the course of time, acquired significant assets. For these couples, having a prenuptial agreement in place before they walk down the aisle can be essential.

Mediating child custody issues may be preferable to litigation

When it comes to resolving child custody issues, there are options besides litigating every little disagreement. One of these options is mediation. In fact, per Washington law, the court may order mediation before a hearing takes place. The purpose of having parents go through mediation is to attempt to reduce the acrimony they may have with one another, and to allow them to develop an agreement that will allow the child to have close and continuing contact with each of his or her parents once the parents divorce.

What makes a Washington acknowledgement of paternity valid?

While the father of a child born to married parents is presumed to be the husband, this presumption doesn't exist if the child is born to unmarried parents. In order to establish who the legal father of a child born to unmarried parents is, paternity must be established. One way for parents to do this is through an acknowledgment of paternity.

Prenuptial agreements may help same-sex couples in Washington

Prior to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Washington, it was rather simple for a same-sex couple to end their relationship. They would break-up and one partner would move out. However, if a couple is married, as same-sex couples are now able to do nationwide, to end their marriage requires a divorce, and all the legalities that go along with it.

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