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December 2016 Archives

Property division a major factor in many Washington divorces

When it comes to divorce, for some couples there is nothing that gets them as fired up as the division of their property. After all, certain pieces of property can have a lot of sentimental value or financial value, and both parties may feel they are entitled to it. Moreover, sometimes couples disagree on how valuable a piece of property is. However, if possible couples should take a step back when it comes to property division, and take a look at the big picture.

Can a court deviate from the standard child support formula?

Despite there being a standard formula for calculating child support in Washington, all families are unique and some life circumstances must be accounted for. That is why Washington Statutes allow for a deviation from the standard child support formula in certain circumstances.

Don't overlook the financial implications of legal separation

Some couples in Gig Harbor find that a separation is, for the time being, a better alternative than divorce. They may have many personal reasons for believing this. Some may feel that they just need some time apart before deciding whether or not to end their marriage, while others may have religious or financial reasons for declining to divorce. Whatever the reason, it is important to remember that even couples who have legally separated still have financial ties with one another.

What are the requirements for getting a divorce in Washington?

Once a couple in Washington decides to end their marriage, they may want to do so as quickly as possible. However, there are certain legal requirements that must be met for a couple to divorce. Therefore, it is helpful to understand what the requirements to get a divorce in Washington are, so you know what to expect.

More millennials choosing prenuptial agreements, study says

The millennial generation in Gig Harbor differs in many ways from generations past, and it goes well beyond the music they listen to and the fashions they wear. One thing they may be more apt to do, according to one study, is to enter into a prenuptial agreement (a prenup) before walking down the aisle.

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