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Legal advice can be invaluable during property division

For the most part, the longer a couple in Gig Harbor has been married, the more possessions they have accumulated. They may have furniture, electronics, appliances, collections, artwork, a home or two and automobiles. Moreover, they may have accumulated significantly valuable intangible assets, such as bank accounts, retirement funds and stock accounts. As such, should a couple in Gig Harbor decide to divorce, they face the difficult process of splitting up the property they spent so many years accumulating.

While this process can go relatively swiftly, if both parties are in agreement, other times, the emotional attachment people have to their possessions makes the process very difficult. When this happens, each party may want to seek legal representation, to ensure that their property is divided fairly and appropriately.

In the state of Washington, all property and debts must be addressed during the divorce process and split fairly between the spouses, no matter whether the property is "community property" or "separate property." The division of property in a Washington divorce must be equitable, but that does not necessarily mean it will be equal. An attorney can explain the difference between community property and separate property and can represent their client's interests in property division.

When dividing community property in a divorce, an accurate value must be placed on it. This may entail the help of other neutral professionals, who are able to assess how much a piece of property is worth. In addition, it is important to make sure one's spouse is not unlawfully hiding assets to have an advantage when it comes to property division. An attorney can help uncover hidden assets in a divorce.

Accordingly, when it comes to property division in Washington, the advice of an attorney can be a valuable service. For example, the legal team at the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Robinson, P.S., aim to help their clients go through the property division process and other divorce legal issues both effectively and efficiently. Individuals seeking a divorce in Washington may want to review the firm's property division overview.

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