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What factors will a court consider in parental relocation cases?

It is not unusual for parents in Washington to move. Perhaps, they were offered a better job in another city or state. They may want to live in a more desirable area of the country, or they want to live closer to family. However, when parents are not married, and the custodial parent wishes to relocate, there are certain legal factors that must be considered.

Divorce, child custody and the budding Olympian

Americans across the nation have been tuning into the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Watching elite athletes compete for medals and win is truly inspiring. What is also inspiring are the sacrifices their parents made to help these athletes on the road to gold. Moreover, these athletes serve as role models to children in Gig Harbor and nationwide, whether the children are involved in swimming, gymnastics or any other sport.

Children need consistency and stability after a divorce

As Gig Harbor parents may know, children thrive on consistency and stability, especially after a divorce. Unfortunately, there are times when this security is shattered when one parent or the other interferes with the established child custody and visitation schedule.

Lawyers can assist clients with their child support issues

Child support is an essential component in making sure that one's child is properly provided for, so that he or she can grow and thrive. Payments, therefore, will correlate with the financial needs of the child and custodial parent. However, the noncustodial parent's financial needs are also important as well.

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