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How is property division addressed in a legal separation?

For various personal reasons, there may be times when a married couple in Washington decides to seek a legal separation, rather than a divorce. One of the issues that the court will address in a legal separation, like a divorce, is the division of assets. However, the way property will be divided in a legal separation often depends on the type of separation the couple is seeking.

Child support and its limits in Washington State

When Washington State parents are parting ways, and the determination as to how much child support will be paid from the supporting parent to the custodial parent, there are many factors that will be considered. Of course, the best interests of the child and the everyday expenses that will arise will be paramount. Many parents, however, are not aware that there are state-implemented standards for the upper and lower limits on what will be paid. This depends on the income of the parents.

Understanding a parenting plan with child custody

When a couple in Gig Harbor decides to end a marriage, one of the more difficult issues that will arise has to do with children. Child custody is frequently a contentious issue, and the best intentions can spiral into an endless cycle of disagreements and outright fighting as to parenting time, visitation rights and any other issue that encompasses the maintenance of a relationship with children. A way to avoid the harshest disputes is to come up with a parenting plan. Understanding what a parenting plan is and what it is designed to do is key to a satisfactory resolution.

How can the aftermath of a divorce affect one's credit?

When a couple in Gig Harbor decides to end their marriage, they may naturally be concerned with how their property will be divided, who will have child custody and whether they will be paying child support or spousal support. What they may not be thinking of initially though, is how their divorce might affect their credit score.

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