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Representing our clients' interests in child custody cases

Married couples with children in Gig Harbor may not anticipate ever getting divorced. Unfortunately, the passage of time could lead to changes in personalities, changes in personal goals, disagreements that never seem to end and other factors that may lead a couple to decide that divorce is their best option for their future happiness and well-being. While the time leading up to the divorce and the divorce process can be painful, it is good to know that by seeking legal representation, you can have someone on your side defending your rights.

For parents, one divorce legal issue that will need to be addressed is child custody, known in Washington as a parenting plan. The parenting plan can have a significant effect on your relationship with your child. A parenting plan will address which parent the child will live with and when and who will be able to make key life decisions for the child. It will also include provisions for parents to follow should there be disagreements in the future regarding the care of their child.

In Washington, a parent could be awarded sole custody of the child with the other parent being granted visitation rights. In other cases, parents will share joint custody of their child. In the end, decisions will be made based on the child's best interests.

It is only natural that each of a child's parents want to have a significant and loving relationship with their child, even after a divorce. Therefore, they may want to consider getting an attorney who can help represent their interests as a parenting plan is negotiated or litigated. The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Robinson, P.S., has a webpage on child custody and parenting plans that parents going through a divorce in Washington may find interesting.

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