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Actor Charlie Sheen involved in child support dispute

When a famous individual is embroiled in a child support dispute, it often makes the headlines due to the significant amount of money involved. However, parents paying or receiving child support in Gig Harbor may find themselves facing a child support dispute no matter what their wealth.

Actor Charlie Sheen is currently facing a child support dispute with his ex-wife. According to Sheen's ex-wife, Sheen was to receive approximately $613,000 monthly for his participation in the hit television series "Two and a Half Men." However, back in October, Sheen chose to forgo these monthly payments in exchange for a single lump sum payment of about $27 million. Sheen's ex-wife has stated that Sheen chose the lump sum payment in order to significantly lower his monthly income, and by doing so, lower the amount of child support he was ordered to pay for the couple's two children. Earlier in April, Sheen's ex-wife was able to have some of Sheen's assets frozen, alleging that he was $88,000 behind in child support.

Sheen himself has also filed documents with the court regarding child support. He requested that the levy against him be lifted until a hearing can be held regarding his request for a modification of his child support order. Currently he is ordered to pay $55,000 monthly in child support. According to his attorney, as of right now he only earns approximately $87,000 monthly.

It remains to be seen what will happen in this particular child support case. However, any person paying or receiving child support, no matter what their wealth is, may at some time need to seek a modification to their child support order. Usually there must be a significant change in circumstances in order to modify a child support order. In the end, a child support order should meet the children's needs, so that their care and quality of life does not suffer.

Source: New York Daily News, "Charlie Sheen's ex-wife claims he tried to hide child support money," Nancy Dillon, April 20, 2016

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