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Actor Charlie Sheen involved in child support dispute

When a famous individual is embroiled in a child support dispute, it often makes the headlines due to the significant amount of money involved. However, parents paying or receiving child support in Gig Harbor may find themselves facing a child support dispute no matter what their wealth.

Representing our clients' interests in child custody cases

Married couples with children in Gig Harbor may not anticipate ever getting divorced. Unfortunately, the passage of time could lead to changes in personalities, changes in personal goals, disagreements that never seem to end and other factors that may lead a couple to decide that divorce is their best option for their future happiness and well-being. While the time leading up to the divorce and the divorce process can be painful, it is good to know that by seeking legal representation, you can have someone on your side defending your rights.

Is there a waiting period for a Washington divorce?

Couples in Washington whose marriage is at an end may be in a rush to get divorced as soon as possible, so that they can move on with their lives. After all, staying unhappily married can be a very difficult situation. The constant arguments, bitterness and emotional pain can take its toll. However, in Washington, an instant divorce may not be possible.

What factors may be considered when awarding spousal support?

There are many decisions that Washington couples need to make when they decide to divorce. They may be preoccupied with dividing their property, and - if they are parents - developing an appropriate parenting plan. One topic, however, that they may find is difficult to address is that of spousal support, also known as alimony.

Considering divorce? Make sure to examine your assets

These days, it is not unusual for married individuals in Gig Harbor to find that, whether they were married only a few years or they were married for many years, that their marriage is crumbling and is not longer sustainable. When this happens they may seek a divorce, and part of the divorce process is the division of assets. Part of the property division process is having a good understanding of what comprises your marital assets, so the division of these assets can be done fairly.

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