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Why might Washington couples divorce later in life?

When a couple in Washington says "I do," they do so assuming nothing could compromise their love. However, no one can predict what the future will bring. In fact, "gray divorces" - in which a couple divorces later in life - are becoming more common. According to one source, in 2010, 25 percent of divorces took place among individuals who were age 50 or older. Moreover, if individuals were over 50 years of age, they were twice as likely to end their marriage compared to couples of that same age bracket in 1990.

One possible reason for a gray divorce is that couples simply grow apart after years of marriage. Age can also be a factor in a gray divorce. If there was a significant age difference between the couple it might not matter when the marriage began, but it could play a role in the end of a marriage. In addition, a mid-life crisis could also be a reason for seeking a divorce.

Moreover, finances could be an issue in a divorce. Some individuals spend more than their spouse, resulting in financial difficulties. If one spouse wants to spend marital funds while the other wishes to save their marital funds, this could ultimately lead to the end of a marriage.

Boredom could also be a reason for divorce. After all, when a person resides with their partner 24 hours a day, seven days a week, some individuals may become tired of the monotony of it all. Focusing on day-to-day activities and ignoring romance could be a problem.

Finally, sometimes couple find that they are sexually incompatible. Sometimes an individual's sexual needs become lower due to hormonal changes. This could cause one party to feel that their needs are not being taken care of.

In the end, the decision to divorce later in age is a complicated one. There are many factors that may lead to the end of a marriage. When an individual finds him or herself facing a gray divorce, he or she may want to seek the professional help they need to move on from a troubled relationship.

Source: Next Avenue, "Why Couples Divorce After Decades of Marriage," Linda Melone, March 8, 2016

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