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Why is there a standard child support schedule?

Some say it takes a village to raise a child, and in a broad sense this may be true. However, what parents may find is that it is important that their child receives the love, care and financial resources they need to grow and thrive.

As parents in Gig Harbor may already know, the state of Washington has established a standard statewide child support schedule that is applicable to parents who have divorced or are no longer in a relationship together. Why was such a schedule established by the Washington State Legislature in the first place?

According to the Washington State Legislature, in order to ensure that an order for child support meets the basic needs of the child, the state established a standard statewide child support schedule. This schedule takes into account the financial resources of each parent as well as the standard of living each parent enjoys. In addition, it is the intention of the Washington State Legislature that each parent's child support responsibilities are split equitably.

What were the legislature's goals in creating a standard statewide child support schedule? First of all, one goal is to make sure an order for child support is adequate. A second goal is to make sure that child support orders are equitable between similar cases. Finally, a third goal is do keep child support proceedings from becoming too adversarial and to promote the signing of voluntary child support settlements between parents.

In the end, one benefit of a standard statewide child support schedule may be that decisions may be made fairly and in the best interests of the child. Residents of Gig Harbor who have questions about how the statewide child support schedule is applicable to them may need to seek legal advice.

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