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Property division factors in a Washington divorce

When a couple in Washington accumulates a significant amount of assets and personal property during the course of their marriage, they may be very concerned about what will happen to that property if they divorce. After all, the family home, furniture and artwork may have a great deal of monetary and sentimental value, and intangible assets such as retirement accounts, bank accounts and stocks are also important sources of income for many couples. Therefore, it can help to have a good understanding of how property is divided in Washington when a couple divorces.

Per Washington code section 26.09.080, the court is responsible for dividing the assets and liabilities between the parties to a divorce. In Washington, such distributions are to be made in a manner that is just and equitable. There are certain factors the court will consider.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that misconduct on the part of one spouse or the other may not be taken into account when it comes to property division. The court will also consider the extent and type of both community property and separate property at issue. In addition, the length of the marriage may also be considered. Finally, each party's financial circumstances may be considered, including whether one party or the other wishes to keep the family home, especially if they have child custody.

The division of assets is an important part of divorce in Washington, and one that should be done in a manner that is fair and appropriate. Because such issues can be emotionally charged, it may help to have an attorney at your side who can represent your interests.

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