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Legal help may be available for parents seeking child support

When parents in Washington separate or divorce, the court will establish a child support order. After all, it is the responsibility of both parents to care for their child and meet their child's financial needs. Therefore, it is important that an appropriate amount of child support is ordered.

How will the court go about determining how much child support will be owed? In the state of Washington, the court will examine each parent's income and how many children they have when calculating child support per state statutes. However, there may be other variables that are used when determining how much child support will be owed.

For example, each parent's employment status may be a factor in addition to their incomes, as may household assets and liabilities. Also, each parent's health as well as the health of the child may be a factor. In addition, certain expenses such as health care and child care expenses may be a factor. Finally, the extent of time that the child will spend under the care of each parent may be considered.

As you can see, calculating child support may not be as straightforward as one thinks. Therefore, individuals who have questions about child support may need to seek the advice of a professional. Fortunately, attorneys such as those at the Law Offices of Jeffery A. Robinson, PS, are available to assist parents who are seeking child support. No one should have to face a courtroom alone, especially when decisions are being made that could affect their entire future. Therefore, individuals in need of child support may want to have legal representation, so that their needs and interests are protected.

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