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Same-sex partners face the same legal challenges

When the state of Washington approved same-sex marriage back in 2012, numerous state residents gained the ability to enjoy the social and legal benefits of a state-backed union. For some, this change has allowed a "happily ever after" scenario. Of course, recognizing that same-sex partnerships share the same legal status as "traditional" marriage also means that those same-sex partners can face the same legal issues should that relationship no go according to plan.

With the rise in same-sex marriages, so too has there been a rise in same-sex couples seeking divorce. These couples face the same uncertainties during this process. The division of assets and liabilities between the divorcing pair will be a primary concern. As Washington is a community property state, those laws will apply the same to a same-sex couple seeking a divorce. In addition, if children are involved, issues such as child custody, visitation and support will need to be addressed.

When facing these issues, it is important to consider what your ultimate goals are. If the relationship with an ex remains amicable despite the dissolution, certain approaches, such as collaborative law, may help avoid unwanted stress and produce a quicker, more agreeable resolution. However, if there are disagreements and important interests at stake, traditional litigation could be a necessary step to seek the desired results - whether related to assets or issues related to children.

Regardless of approach, it can be important to have an advocate on your side well versed in the process and able to advise you of the pros and cons. To learn more, visit our page detailing the various options if divorce may be in your future.

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