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Divorce and distance: for some with kids, closer is better

When children are involved, parents who are getting a divorce may still decide to reside closer in proximity to make the parenting plan arrangements easier. Doing so, in some cases, may be in the best interest of the child.

In general, the easier it is for children to move back and forth between households, the better. Doing so allows for traditions to be maintained and allows an ease of communication between all parties. For some parties, "bird's nest" arrangements in which the child stays in the same home and the parents divide their time between homes work out. In other cases, divorced parents may live in the same apartment buildings or neighborhoods - close enough so that their child can have easy access to them whenever necessary. Of course, the relationship between the ex-spouses is crucial in these types of arrangements, so as to keep a balance that allows each spouse to live their separate, now-single lives.

Some parents may find that it is worth taking on extra work to earn the money to afford to live close to their ex-spouse for the sake of their children. Even though a significant amount of planning may be required, children may enjoy spending significant time with each of their parents.

Of course, parents in Gig Harbor need to determine what type of child custody arrangement works for them. In some cases, shared parenting in which both parents spend a relatively equal amount of time with their child may be preferable, while in other cases one parent may benefit from having more parenting time with their child than the other.

Source: The New York Times, "Divorced Parents, Living Close for the Children's Sake," Ronnie Koenig, Jan. 15, 2016

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