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January 2016 Archives

What happens to Social Security benefits after divorce?

Planning for retirement is important for all residents of Gig Harbor. Many people rely in part on Social Security benefits after they retire to make ends meet. However, if couples divorce after many years of marriage, they may wonder how their divorce will affect their ability to receive Social Security benefits.

What is the difference between a legal separation and divorce?

When a couple first gets married, divorce is probably the furthest thing from their minds. However, some Washington couples may find that after years or even decades of marriage, they have grown apart and are ready to go their separate ways. While couples in these situations may feel divorce is their only option, for some legal separation may also be an option to consider. These couples may be interested in learning more about the differences between divorce and legal separation in Washington.

Same-sex partners face the same legal challenges

When the state of Washington approved same-sex marriage back in 2012, numerous state residents gained the ability to enjoy the social and legal benefits of a state-backed union. For some, this change has allowed a "happily ever after" scenario. Of course, recognizing that same-sex partnerships share the same legal status as "traditional" marriage also means that those same-sex partners can face the same legal issues should that relationship no go according to plan.

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