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We closely examine spousal support issues in Washington

Last week this blog discussed the various factors taken into account when a court in Washington establishes a spousal support order. For example, each spouse's financial resources may be considered. Sometimes a spouse who left the workforce during the course of the marriage needs to obtain both schooling and time to find a job in order to become self-supporting. The couple's standard of living while married may also be examined, as may each spouse's health, age and how long the marriage lasted.

Arriving at an appropriate spousal support amount is crucial. An appropriate spousal support amount needs to address the financial needs of the receiving spouse while not financially draining the paying spouse. It can be a difficult balance to reach. In the end, seeking legal help in spousal support cases can help individuals in Washington understand how an appropriate amount of spousal support may be reached.

The professionals at the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Robinson, P.S. have over five decades of combined legal experience assisting Washington spouses with their divorce legal issues, including spousal support cases. They advocate for their clients' best interests and aim to help their clients understand the applicable laws in their spousal support case.

Whether it is through an alternative dispute resolution method such as collaborative law or whether it is through traditional litigation, it is important that when it comes to divorce, each spouse's financial needs and resources are examined. Reaching a fair spousal support award is an important financial issue when it comes to divorce, and spouses involved in spousal support cases may benefit from legal representation.

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