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November 2015 Archives

We closely examine spousal support issues in Washington

Last week this blog discussed the various factors taken into account when a court in Washington establishes a spousal support order. For example, each spouse's financial resources may be considered. Sometimes a spouse who left the workforce during the course of the marriage needs to obtain both schooling and time to find a job in order to become self-supporting. The couple's standard of living while married may also be examined, as may each spouse's health, age and how long the marriage lasted.

Factors to consider in Washington spousal support cases

When a marriage comes to an end, each spouse is faced with the prospect of having to support him or herself financially. For some, this means going from a two-income household to a one-income household. However, what happens if there is a large income disparity between the two spouses? Or what if one spouse had stayed out of the workforce during the marriage and now needs to find a job?

It is not too soon to address child custody and the holidays

Now that Halloween is over, parents in Gig Harbor may be gearing up for the next set of holidays -- Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, planning for these events can be complicated if parents are divorced. Is it too soon for divorced parents to revisit their holiday parenting plan schedules? Perhaps not.

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