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How can child support be paid in the state of Washington?

Once an order for child support is established, payments must begin. What are the ways in which child support can be paid in the state of Washington?

One method of paying child support is through wage withholding. Through wage withholding, a portion of the paying parent's paycheck will automatically be deducted and used to pay child support. Child support in Washington may also be paid by check or money order.

Another way monthly payments for child support may be made in Washington is through an electronic funds transfer. Via an electronic funds transfer, child support payments will automatically be taken out of the paying parent's checking or savings account. This is one way parents can ensure payments will be made in the full amount and on time.

In the state of Washington, child support payments can also be made online. Making online payments may be convenient for paying parents, as it allows the parent to make payments at home on their computers or wherever else they can access the Internet. It is also possible for the paying parent to view the payments they have made in the past online.

Finally, a parent can use a credit or debit card to make a child support payment. Again, this may be a matter of convenience for the paying parent, particularly if that individual prefers not to write and mail a check each month for child support.

As this shows, there are various ways in which child support payments can be made in the state of Washington. Parents who need further information about paying child support should research their rights before taking any action.

Source: Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, "Frequently Asked Questions," Accessed Oct. 12, 2015

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