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Does the age a couple marries increase their chance of divorce?

At any age a Gig Harbor couple's marriage can have its ups and downs. While sometimes couples are able to weather the storms of a tumultuous marriage, in other cases couples will decide that ending their marriage is the best choice to make. In choosing which path to take, does the age a person marries have an effect on that couple's likelihood to divorce?

In general, how does divorce mediation work?

Does every divorce need to cumulate in a bitter, anger-filled war between the spouses? Not necessarily. Sometimes two spouses in a divorce may find that while they can no longer stay married, they can at least work together to reach a fair divorce settlement. Mediation is one or several ways Washington spouses in a divorce can achieve this goal.

Is there a waiting period in a divorce in Washington?

Divorce may have been a long ways coming for many Washington couples, but once the decision to divorce has been made, many couples wish to see the process occur as quickly as possible. However, is there a wait time when it comes to finalizing a divorce in Washington?

Collaborative law may be a sound option for some divorcees

Although divorce can be an emotion-filled process, some couples in Gig Harbor find that they want to cut ties as smoothly and amicably as possible. This may especially be the case if the couple has children, whom they want to protect during the divorce process. That being said, even couples without children may want to seek an amicable divorce. Couples in these situations may be interested in learning more about options they may have other than litigation, including collaborative law.

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