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Study finds women may be more apt than men to initiate divorce

The reasons behind the end of a marriage are as varied as the relationships themselves. Some couples may cite infidelity as a reason for divorce. Some couples may find that after years together they have simply grown apart. And some couples may find that they have personality and belief differences that are so fundamental that they can no longer stay married.

Gig Harbor residents may wonder whether husbands or wives were more likely to initiate divorce proceedings. One study has reported that among married individuals surveyed, wives were more likely than husbands to file for divorce first. However, among individuals who were in a relationship but were unmarried, women were no more apt than men to end their relationship.

The study investigated data spanning from 2009 to 2015 that was obtained via a national survey. Over 2,000 heterosexual adults were surveyed. Of them, just over 370 had ended their relationship by 2015. Of the 92 divorces, 69 percent were initiated by wives.

The respondents of the survey reported numerous reasons as to why they decided to divorce. Some had different beliefs regarding the value of a "traditional marriage." Some reported dissatisfaction with the way their spouse treated them. Some even cited abuse. However, the authors of the study noted that despite these findings, more research is needed to understand why wives reported less satisfaction with their relationships.

These findings may be of interest to Gig Harbor spouses. Whether it is a wife or a husband who initiates a divorce, it is often beneficial for both spouses to have individual legal representation throughout the divorce process. Even if a couple is able to settle their divorce without resorting to litigation, having legal representation can be of help. A Gig Harbor family law attorney can be a good resource of information for spouses who wish to initiate the divorce process.

Source: livescience, "Women Are More Likely to Initiate Divorce, But Not Dating Breakups," Laura Geggel, Aug. 22, 2015

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