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September 2015 Archives

Study finds women may be more apt than men to initiate divorce

The reasons behind the end of a marriage are as varied as the relationships themselves. Some couples may cite infidelity as a reason for divorce. Some couples may find that after years together they have simply grown apart. And some couples may find that they have personality and belief differences that are so fundamental that they can no longer stay married.

What factors may be considered in a Washington parenting plan?

Divorce often brings some abrupt and often confusing changes to a young child's life. The child will go from living in a two-parent household to spending time with each parent separately instead. One important decision that will need to be made by the parents or the court in a parenting plan in Washington is where the child will live.

International parental kidnappings are illegal in Washington

Parents in a toxic divorce may do whatever they feel is necessary to keep the other parent from having access to their children. This is a dangerous situation that may lead a parent to abduct the child out of Gig Harbor or even out of the nation. A custodial parent may wrongly abduct his or her child to keep the other parent from exercising his or her visitation rights, or the noncustodial parent may wrongly abduct his or her child, refusing to return the child to the custodial parent when his or her visitation period is over.

Protecting marital assets in a divorce

For many Washington residents, dividing marital assets is one of the most overwhelming areas of divorce. Many may be wondering what steps are available to help ensure that marital assets are fairly divided following a separation. Paving the way for a smooth marriage or divorce is possible during all times in a couple's lifespan -- before and during a marriage, as well as before the divorce proceedings occur.

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