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Terrence Howard seeks divorce agreement modification

Many people in Pierce County and in the entire state of Washington may agree that even after a divorce has been finalized, certain circumstances may arise that demand that the divorce agreement be modified. Fortunately, divorce laws in the United States allow former spouses to seek such modifications so that there is no possibility of renewed hostility to develop between the ex-spouses. Also, if there are children involved in the divorce, the divorce agreement modification can help protect the best interest of those children.

One such example of an agreement modification that is in the news lately is the divorce agreement that Terrence Howard and his former wife signed in 2012. According to news reports, Howard is seeking a modification because his former wife allegedly extorted money from him in order to obtain alimony and other financial benefits. Allegedly, his ex-wife threatened Howard that she would release some of his private photos and videos for a large sum of money if Howard did not meet her terms.

The lawyers representing his former spouse, however, denied the allegations. In fact, her lawyers stated that she was a victim of domestic violence during the marriage and that Howard still owes her money, which was a part of the original divorce agreement. Nonetheless, stemming from these allegations, Howard is due to testify in a Los Angeles court to attempt to get a modification of the divorce agreement. Interestingly, the judge has a number of apprehensions regarding the facts that have been reported by both Howard and his former wife.

The amount of attention that this divorce agreement modification is getting is mainly because of the fact that celebrities are involved but this is a situation that any divorced couple can find themselves in. Therefore, in similar situations, it may be a wise decision to retain an experienced divorce attorney so that the issues can be resolved while, at the same time, causing the least amount of damage to both former spouses and any children, who may also be an integral part of the divorce.

Source: ABC News, "Terrence Howard in Court Trying to Undo Divorce Agreement," Anthony McCartney, Aug. 11, 2015

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