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What is the "Full Faith and Credit" child custody law?

After a divorce, it is common for people to relocate to another state. Such relocation can go smoothly if the separated couple does not have a child. However, if they have a child, the court must approve the relocation. The court will also order visitation schedules, which both parents must follow. Many parents, however, ignore the original court order because they feel that they are immune to the laws of that state because they now reside in another state. However, that is a major mistake.

Terrence Howard seeks divorce agreement modification

Many people in Pierce County and in the entire state of Washington may agree that even after a divorce has been finalized, certain circumstances may arise that demand that the divorce agreement be modified. Fortunately, divorce laws in the United States allow former spouses to seek such modifications so that there is no possibility of renewed hostility to develop between the ex-spouses. Also, if there are children involved in the divorce, the divorce agreement modification can help protect the best interest of those children.

Child support enforcement sometimes requires legal intervention

Divorce can put a lot of stress on the people involved, emotionally, mentally and financially. For instance, with the cost of living in Washington being so high, it can be difficult for a custodial parent to support a child without financial assistance. In such cases, where a single parent faces difficulty in meeting the child's financial needs, the court may order the non-custodial parent to support the custodial parent in the child's upbringing by paying child support.

Legal separation can help couples planning to divorce

Sometimes, a married couple in Pierce County may realize that their relationship is not working out the way that they intended it to, and it may lead to the couple parting ways. Although divorce is the first thought that may come to a person's mind, couples living in Washington should be aware that there is another option to consider.

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