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Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis end child support dispute

Child support is often a major point of contention in a divorce. In fact, some child support disputes continue for several months or years before being resolved. One example of such a child support dispute, which has dragged on for years before reaching resolution, and of which many Washington residents may be aware, is that of musicians Toni Braxton and her former husband Keri Lewis.

According to news reports, Braxton and Lewis were married in April 2001 and separated in November 2009. The couple has two sons. In 2010, Braxton's financial situation was dire and she filed for bankruptcy twice. Additionally, she was diagnosed with lupus. Finally, in October 2014, Braxton accused Lewis of not paying child support for the couple's two children, who are aged 11 and 10 years, respectively. Braxton filed a lawsuit for that reason.

According to Braxton's bankruptcy filing, she had been receiving $2,000 per month from Lewis for child support. However, in May 2015, she voluntarily withdrew her lawsuit, which indicated that the estranged couple had managed to reach a settlement over the child support dispute. The court closed the case that very day. The details of the settlement, however, were not disclosed to the media.

In general, child support obligations are ordered by the court and any delinquency may not only lead to legal action being taken by the custodial parent but may also cause the non-custodial parent to face a number of legal troubles. Therefore, it may be a wise decision if parents who are in a similar situation to consult an attorney in order to understand what the best possible solution is for their child support case.

Various options are available for resolving child support disputes peacefully. Some examples include modification of child support or signing a child support agreement outside of the courtroom. The parents should understand that all of those methods are meant to resolve the child support dispute effectively so that the child's best interest is not affected by the separated parents' fight.

Source: EURWeb.com, "Toni Braxton Settles Child Support Battle with Ex-husband," Ny MaGee, July 8, 2015

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