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Collaborative divorce may be the better choice for many couples

It probably goes without saying that divorce can be a stressful experience. Still, many couples encounter more stress by entering into a litigation process that can continue for a very long time. During this process, divorcing couples not only incur considerable expenses but also infuse further bitterness into the relationship and propagate the stress to their children. These couples should know that instead of the often-bitter litigation process, they may consider other divorce options such as collaborative law or mediation.

Many Gig Harbor, Washington, residents may know that collaborative law recently has been gaining popularity. This method requires separating couples to discuss the various divorce legal issues such as property division, child custody, child support and spousal support peacefully with a neutral third party, to obtain a mutual agreement. The moderator facilitates such an agreement by promoting respectful communication between the couple so that even the most complicated of issues are resolved peacefully and effectively.

While many divorce legal issues can be addressed at the time of separation, certain changes in the divorce agreement may be required in the future if the circumstances demand it. At the law offices of Jeffrey A. Robinson, P.S., experienced and compassionate legal help is available for these issues. For example, couples may need a modification in the child support or alimony or they may need to change the existing child custody and visitation arrangement. In such cases, a collaborative approach can be beneficial because it encourages effective communication between divorced spouses as opposed to a prolonged dispute.

Any Washington couple contemplating divorce who wants to explore the collaborative divorce route can visit our law firm's webpage which explains collaborative law. Our law firm has been practicing this area of family law since 1978 and we have lawyers who are specifically trained in the practice of collaborative law. Our experience has helped many families in the Puget Sound area resolve some very complicated divorce issues peacefully and effectively.

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