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June 2015 Archives

App designed to resolve conflicts regarding child support payment

Child support payments can be a source of major conflict between divorced parents. A new app called SupportPay, developed by a startup company, can help divorced parents in Washington and across the country resolve their child support pay conflicts.

Married same-sex couples can file joint federal tax returns

Same-sex marriages are on the rise in Washington since state laws were changed to permit same-sex couples to marry three years ago. Federal income tax rules also apply to same-sex marriages registered in states or foreign countries with laws that make same-sex marriages legal.

Division of community property between couples

The division of assets and liabilities between a couple are often the most contentious issues at the time of legal separation or divorce. Washington is a community property state, which means that the property that the couple shares will be divided equitably between them in the event that they divorce. Property that was acquired by either spouse or partner after the marriage or domestic partnership is usually treated as community property. According to the laws, each partner or spouse is considered to have an equal interest in the property that they share, which means that each spouse owns half of the community property.

Dividing assets between a divorcing couple

Divorce often involves many difficult issues, such as child custody, spousal and child support and division of assets, which are difficult to resolve at times. Washington law requires that all assets and liabilities of the divorcing couple must be divided fairly. Equitable property division does not necessarily mean that the property division will be equal.

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