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Legal issues plaguing same-sex marriages in Washington

Throughout the United States, including Washington, many states have legalized same-sex marriages. Gay and lesbian couples can now get legally married under the laws of Washington and enjoy the rights and privileges that formerly had only been available to heterosexual couples.

Under Washington state law, same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships can be dissolved, as well. Divorce brings with it issues such as division of assets, spousal and child support and custody of children. These are issues that need attention to detail and experience to resolve.

As the laws relating to same-sex marriage are new, there are still a lot of gray areas requiring clarification. Since all states have not recognized gay marriages, the rights of same-sex couples in terms of changing their resident state to a state that does not recognize gay marriages remain under debate.

Legal issues also may crop up for same-sex couples who intend to adopt a child. Some states allow same-sex couples to adopt children while such right is not granted in other states. Therefore, it is advisable that you discuss the consequences of adoption with a lawyer before proceeding.

If you are in a same-sex marriage and contemplating a divorce, you might want to consult a lawyer to better understand the procedure for divorce, as well as the most suitable way to resolve the complex issues that may arise.

A lawyer who deals with family law matters will be able to help you understand your rights as a same-sex couple and the legal problems that you might have to face. Our team of experienced lawyers will be able to assist you in handling your divorce process with ease. They can also provide you with the best possible solution to all of the issues involved.

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