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April 2015 Archives

How separation contracts work in Washington

Any couple in Washington whose marriage is going through separation or ending in divorce, or whose domestic partnership is dissolving, has the option to execute a separation contract that will help settle contentious issues between the parties. This type of contract sets out the obligation of both parties with respect to each other at the end of the relationship and afterward.

Child custody modification according to Washington state law

Child custody agreements made by family court judges in Washington focus on the doctrine of the "best interests of the child." Thus, a modification of a child custody arrangement by a family court judge is not commonplace.

Limits on child support payments under Washington law-Part I

Child support may be one of the biggest concerns for many Washington State noncustodial parents. In many cases, the noncustodial parent may have multiple child support payment obligations. In such cases, the authorities may determine the amount of the child support payments due to each child based on various factors, such as both biological parents' income and the best interest of the child in question.

Legal issues plaguing same-sex marriages in Washington

Throughout the United States, including Washington, many states have legalized same-sex marriages. Gay and lesbian couples can now get legally married under the laws of Washington and enjoy the rights and privileges that formerly had only been available to heterosexual couples.

For children's sake, divorce may sometimes be the better choice

Anyone in Washington who has gone through a divorce would agree that it can be a difficult experience for children. In fact, a lot of research in the field of divorce has supported this idea. Many parents pay close attention to research findings and although their marriage may not be happy, they decide to remain married for their children's sake. However, some experts feel that instead of bringing up children in an environment of tension and hostility between the parents, divorcing may be a better option to choose.

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