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February 2015 Archives

Legally separated spouses can file tax returns individually

Residents of Gig Harbor, Washington, would agree that after the end of Christmas and New Year festivities, one of the major worries for Americans is filing their federal income tax returns. Since there are various categories under which income tax returns could be filed, many individuals prefer to seek guidance while filing their returns in order to save a few dollars.

Federal laws governing child support enforcement

Washington State has its own set of laws that govern child support. However, in exceptional cases there are federal laws may also be enforced in order to address issues of child support delinquency. Those laws are contained in Title IV Part-D of the Social Security Act, which requires that agencies operating under its jurisdiction to help state agencies and custodial parents to enforce child support.

Unable to resolve marital disputes? Divorce may be a wise choice

Sad but true is the fact that divorce is often the best way out when it becomes too difficult for married couples to continue in the marriage. Residents of Gig Harbor, Washington, know that an uneasy and bitter relationship affects children and other relatives and has an impact on the whole family. Divorce is never easy but it may prevent matters from getting worse in certain situations.

Can parenting coordinators help resolve child custody disputes?

Unfortunately, divorce can often have a profound effect on the best interests of the child. That may be because of the bitterness that develops between estranged spouses when they are either in the middle of a divorce proceeding or after the divorce is granted. Experts suggest that in high-conflict divorces such as those, appointing a parenting coordinator may be helpful.

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