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Pointing out the advantages of legal separation to couples

In any relationship, partners often encounter tough times. Some Washington State couples may realize that their marriage is suffering or that unexpected life changes are taking a toll on their relationship. And while many friends and family members may suggest that the couple get a divorce, our Pierce County-based law firm would like to discuss the advantages of legal separation for many of these Washington State couples.

For more than 30 years, our experienced lawyers have guided couples through the legal separation process. Legal separation often takes a backseat to divorce. However, this type of marriage dissolution presents a unique dynamic to a couple's relationship. It allows couples to be physically separated but still legally married. This helps them work out their differences without financial and other legal complications. It protects the rights of each spouse as well. Once differences are settled, legal separation can make a possible reconciliation much easier.

If couples do decide to finally part ways, our skilled lawyers can help them achieve a smoother transition to their new lives. While having agreed to a legal separation makes the divorce process a lot easier, we take it a step further by introducing the merits of collaborative divorce to couples. This amicable way of divorcing not only reduces the emotional stress, but the legal hurdles that often come with an acrimonious end of a marriage, as well. So couples and their children can concentrate on starting a new life.

Whether Washington State couples choose legal separation or divorce, our Pierce County-based law firm will be with them every step of the way. While we take pride in our legal expertise and efficiency, we are also compassionate. Our lawyers understand that it is a challenging time for couples, so we give them sound, realistic advice.

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