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January 2015 Archives

Comedian Nick Cannon divorces Mariah Carey

Many Washington residents, as well as the rest of the world, have followed the romance between Nick Cannon and singing superstar Mariah Carey. Their relationship made it to the altar and they have since been blessed with twins. However, the romance took a sour turn last summer and speculation about their split swirled in social media circles. Apparently, the rumors of the impending end to their marriage have proven correct. Nick Cannon apparently filed for divorce first.

Pointing out the advantages of legal separation to couples

In any relationship, partners often encounter tough times. Some Washington State couples may realize that their marriage is suffering or that unexpected life changes are taking a toll on their relationship. And while many friends and family members may suggest that the couple get a divorce, our Pierce County-based law firm would like to discuss the advantages of legal separation for many of these Washington State couples.

Are psychological evaluations necessary in child custody cases?

Determining who will have custody of minor children is one of the more complex decisions in a divorce. Besides determining child custody itself, courts must also make decisions about visitation rights. In Washington, as in most states, custody and related issues are determined with the best interests of the child as the primary consideration. In some cases the court may order a psychological evaluation to provide additional information before deciding custody.

Former "Fugees" member in child support dispute

In the 1990s, Washington residents and the rest of the world witnessed the rise of the hip-hop group "The Fugees." However, after releasing two albums which were both commercial and critically successful, the group disbanded. While former members Wycleff Jean and Lauren Hill have remained active musically and in acting, another member, Praskazrel Samuel Michel, more popularly known as "Pras," was recently in the spotlight for an unrelated issue-a child support dispute.

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