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What rights do same-sex couples have in Washington?

In 2012, same-sex marriage was legalized in Washington. Although most people may think two years is enough to get accustomed to the laws regarding same-sex couples, there are instances when same-sex partners, whether they are long-time Washington residents or new to the state, are not aware of their rights. For the benefit of same-sex couples, they should be informed of their rights and privileges under state laws.

Solving child support problems in Washington

For most people, raising children is never easy and is often highly demanding physically, emotionally and financially. The task is even more challenging for newly divorced or single parents. This is why child support has become such an accepted part of divorce settlements. Unfortunately, some Washington parents fail to take their child support obligations seriously and leave the custodial parent to make up for the loss. Such disregard of responsibilities puts the child at risk because child support typically pays for necessary everyday and major expenses, such as groceries, healthcare and education.

How does Washington's legal separation process work?

Other than death, marriages are ended primarily by divorce in the United States, including in Washington. However, a flickering marital relationship can be temporarily or even permanently suspended by legal separation. This process allows couples to literally part from each other as in a divorce, but they remain technically married. This gives a couple a chance to figure out what they want. They can reconcile and remain married, transition to divorce or simply remain separated.

Wife of Creed singer Stapp files for divorce, alleges drug abuse

Music fans, including Washington residents, might remember the Christian-tinged rock band Creed, which released two critically acclaimed albums in the late 1990s before breaking up in the early 2000s. The band sold millions of albums and won a Grammy. Lead vocalist Scott Stapp went on to a solo career while reuniting on occasion with former Creed bandmates. Now, he is dealing with the end of his marriage.

Divorcing same-sex couples in Washington face certain pitfalls

Washington state legalized same sex marriage in 2012. Despite their newfound freedom to marry, the state's same-sex partners are no more immune to relationship troubles than heterosexual couples and as likely to end up in divorce. Because divorce is still a relatively new occurrence for same-sex couples, however, they may be prone to certain problems that can make the divorce process more difficult and have negative long-term consequences.

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