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Helping resolve child custody disputes

Child custody determinations are often the most intricate parts of a divorce, outside of property division. However, unlike dividing inanimate objects, child custody is more complicated because it evokes many emotions with the best interests of the child hanging in the balance. This emotional component makes the process of sorting out issues even more difficult. In such cases, parents need to get the right information to make sure that family structure is not overly compromised. Our Gig Harbor, Washington, law firm can provide the guidance that parents need to calm the emotional custody storm.

Our firm's three family law attorneys have combined experience of more than 50 years of crafting successful child custody agreements. In addition to our extensive family law experience, we take pride in our devotion to ensuring that the best possible arrangement is made to resolve child custody disputes. We are responsive to parental needs and especially to the needs of the child. We specialize in collaborative law so that an amicable, non-combative arrangement can be pursued. However, we are aware that collaborative law may not be applicable for every case, so we also offer alternative ways to settle such matters.

Besides determining the custodial parent, actual parenting time spent with the child is an equally important part of the final agreement. Deciding where a child will live, who will care for the child and who will make important decisions involving education, religion and medical care is often a daunting task. We can help shed light on the situation so parents can make a mutually beneficial arrangement. We can also advise parents on visitation arrangements and how to properly co-parent after the divorce.

Although child custody and its nuances may seem daunting, our Gig Harbor law firm believes that it is not impossible to have a favorable arrangement. We want to make sure that Washington parents, and especially their children, know and experience this as well.

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