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Should divorcing parents in Washington choose joint custody?

Ending a marriage never should mean that parents' relationships with children should be compromised. In fact, most divorcing parents in Washington want to continue being good parents even if they divorce. For this reason, parents going through child custody negotiations typically seek the best possible arrangement for their children. Joint custody is often the end result. What is joint custody and what advantages does it provide for divorcing parents and their children?

The rise of gray divorce and why people should be concerned

When older couples end their marriage many people, including Washington residents, find it difficult to hide their surprise. After all, older couples seem to be more settled not just in life, but in their relationship. However, like other couples, baby boomers are not immune to relationship troubles, hence the tendency to seek divorce. Nonetheless, it is difficult not to be curious as to why gray divorces are rising and why it can be a cause for concern for Washington residents.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every divorce case

No two divorces are alike and every separation is unique. One thing that is certain, though, is that when personal relationships are involved, a breakup can become exceptionally stressful and challenging. This applies not only to a divorce for straight couples, but for same-sex partners as well.

How does child support affect the economic status of families?

Child support, by its name, suggests that it caters to the financial needs of the child, whether it is every day needs, education or medical and dental expenses. However, child support also has a greater financial impact on the household itself. Washington State custodial parents who deal with delayed payments, or worse, non-payments will have to earn twice as much to cover the lacking expenses. Ideally, working harder can cover the delinquencies. However, a recent child support study reports otherwise.

How can same-sex couples get married in Washington?

Same-sex marriage is still a hotly contested issue across the United States. In Washington State, however, same-sex marriages is legal. Despite that, some couples may not understand the nuances of getting married. For same-sex couples thinking about getting married in the state, or even divorced, it is in their best interests to understand the steps and laws in Washington.

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