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How a divorcing spouse can avoid common divorce mistakes

A divorce is usually painful and incredibly complicated. Unfortunately, that is just the half of it. A divorce can become a breeding ground for regrettable mistakes with long-term implications. It hardly seems fair that a person has to make critical decisions during an emotionally traumatic experience. However, a Washington State divorcing spouse can avoid mistakes, despite the often stressful situation, with some well-intentioned advice.

First, know the finances. A limited knowledge of marital finances can shock a spouse during a divorce. During property division, a spouse can suddenly face a mountain of debt or be surprised how little money and assets the couple has during. A spouse who has an inclination of a divorce filing should immediately investigate financial records. If a spouse was dependent on the other financially, it may be wise to seek temporary alimony to help cover expenses and keep financial momentum post-divorce.

Second, remain calm and do not take the proceedings personally. Emotions can spiral out of control during a divorce causing the process to drag on unnecessarily. As difficult as it seems, remaining calm is a spouse's only option. A thirst for revenge is never beneficial for divorce issues because extending the battle only causes more emotional and financial suffering to spouses and children. Approach the situation as if it were a business deal with room for negotiation. Although it is best not to let the process drag on, it is not right to be shortchanged financially, especially when one has significantly contributed to the marital wealth.

Finally, a Washington State divorcing spouse should not neglect the guidance of a family law attorney. While small issues may be solved without legal assistance, more significant divorce issues are best handled by a professional.

Source: The Huffington Post, "The Top 7 Mistakes Women Make In Divorce, According To A Lawyer Who's Seen It All," Adriana Velez, Sept. 15, 2014

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