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Giving effective, compassionate legal advice during separation

There comes a time during many Washington marriages when challenges and misunderstandings are so overwhelming that the couple's initial decision is to file for a divorce. Other law firms often take advantage of a couple's stress and confusion and encourage them to unnecessarily file for a divorce. However, our Gig Harbor-based law firm is different. We understand how difficult the situation is for couples and offer them an alternative with a legal separation.

Legal separation, unlike divorce, gives couples the opportunity to have a "time out" from the relationship. This gives both parties a time to contemplate the status of their marriage and its possible future. Through all of this, our law firm's family law professionals provide couples with effective yet compassionate legal guidance. We clearly define the rights of each spouse when they go through legal separation, and make it a point to be certain that couples understand their rights and roles when it comes to property division, child custody and other relevant issues.

If couples do decide to divorce, we give them the option of taking the high road. Our law firm's expertise is on collaborative divorce. This type of uncontested divorce helps couples amicably end their marriage. Doing so not only saves them from the stress of a litigated divorce, but speeds up the divorce process as well. In addition, it is more economical than a litigated divorce. Our professionals, with over 50 years of combined experience, help couples transition from a legal separation to divorce.

Despite the possibility of parting ways, we are more than willing to help couples' possible reconciliation. We share in the happiness of Washington state couples who are able to sort out their problems and rekindle the passion. We also make certain that they do not have to go through any legal hurdles when they decide to continue their marriage.

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