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How a divorcing spouse can avoid common divorce mistakes

A divorce is usually painful and incredibly complicated. Unfortunately, that is just the half of it. A divorce can become a breeding ground for regrettable mistakes with long-term implications. It hardly seems fair that a person has to make critical decisions during an emotionally traumatic experience. However, a Washington State divorcing spouse can avoid mistakes, despite the often stressful situation, with some well-intentioned advice.

Giving effective, compassionate legal advice during separation

There comes a time during many Washington marriages when challenges and misunderstandings are so overwhelming that the couple's initial decision is to file for a divorce. Other law firms often take advantage of a couple's stress and confusion and encourage them to unnecessarily file for a divorce. However, our Gig Harbor-based law firm is different. We understand how difficult the situation is for couples and offer them an alternative with a legal separation.

What are the child support guidelines in Washington?

For divorcing Washington State spouses, child support can initially seem as simple as providing money for the everyday expenses of a child. However, there are a lot of nuances to child support that parents may not realize. For one, there is a specific guideline used by the state in order to determine the amount of child support that will be paid. Also, parents can be required by the court to pay for particular expenses.

What should Washington parents know about a parenting plan?

Raising a child becomes a different proposition once parents decide to end their marriage, whether in Washington or any other state. They have to work out the details of child custody at a time when they may be in conflict and have a hard time agreeing with one another. However, once custody is determined, parents must then establish a feasible and effective parenting plan. For parents who are unfamiliar with parenting plans, the following provides some basic information.

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