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Legal separation offers an effective alternative to divorce

Challenges come along to test the strength of any relationship. For unmarried couples, there is always the option of parting ways when challenges reveal differences that lead one or both parties to realize that the relationship will no longer prosper. The situation is typically more complicated for married couples. Beyond personality or emotional differences are considerations of children, assets and property, as well as other legal issues. For these and other reasons, couples in Washington may not want to divorce completely, perhaps for religious reasons, but to live apart in a way that allows them to maintain some of the financial benefits of marriage. For these couples, legal separation is an option.

Steps divorcing parents can take before kids head back to school

Summer is winding down, which means children will soon be setting aside swimsuits and summer toys for books and backpacks. Parents will also be gearing up to make sure their kids are prepared for school. For some Washington parents, though, this means getting their kids used to new homes, in addition to new classrooms and maybe even schools. For these children, divorce has changed how and where they will live. Both parents may be able to make the process easier by following a few tips.

How does legal separation differ from a divorce?

Many married couples who decide to take a break from their relationships by separating often feel anger and resentment toward one another. This is as true in Washington as it is in Tennessee. Sometimes, though, couples merely need time away from the relationship so they can decide whether they want to continue working on their marriage or part ways permanently. This is why some couples in relationship trouble choose to file for legal separation rather than divorce.

Rapper and former Fugees member faces child support increase

Washington residents may remember a time during the 1990s when the hip-hop band the "Fugees" enjoyed great success. The trio won several music awards, including a Grammy, but eventually parted ways. Members Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill went on to impressive solo careers and founding member Pras Michel has also had his share of success outside the group. But if his former girlfriend is to be believed, Michel's success as an artist does not translate to success as a father.

How well is a child coping with divorce and child custody?

Whether they are in Washington or another state, children are often overlooked during divorce. Parents can spend so much time sorting out their divorce issues that they forget that their children are about to undergo a life-changing experience over which they have no say. Children can experience trauma, resentment and anger during the process of child custody negotiations. For divorcing parents who want to stop and think about their children's welfare, knowing the red flags of emotional trouble can help them see how well their children are coping.

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