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Child support and visitation rights of non-custodial parents

The entertainment industry is familiar with the controversy surrounding actor Charlie Sheen. Even far north of Hollywood, residents of Gig Harbor, Washington, may have heard some of those criticisms surrounding the controversial television star. Despite the scrutiny, Sheen is like any other non-custodial parent who has a parental right to spend time with his children.

This non-custodial parent of two daughters and ex-wife Denise Richards were previously cordial until December when, according to a report, the 48-year-old actor claimed that Richards failed to invite him to spend Christmas with his children, aged eight and 10. As a result, the actor is asking the court for child support modification. Sheen wants to reduce the $55,000 monthly child support and to evict the 43-year-old Richards from his house.

To resolve the child support dispute, Sheen's lawyers requested that the issue be solved through private mediation instead of litigation. A retired judge, experienced with family law issues of divorced couples, will handle the mediation. However, an expert asserted that solving the matter through mediation could be risky for the actor. Sheen could end up with an increase in monthly child support because of his latest reported movie deal.

Washington State law dictates that the parent awarded custody of the child receives the child support. Monthly child support paid by a non-custodial parents covers basic necessities, school and healthcare of the child. Although non-custodial parents have the monthly obligation to pay child support, they also have parental rights to visit and spend time with their children, particularly during holidays.

Post-divorce non-parental issues between parents may cause residual child support payment problems. Therefore, parents should be aware of their legal rights.

Source: AzCentral, "Source: Charlie Sheen entering mediation with Richards," March 22, 2014

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