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February 2014 Archives

Legal separation, collaborative law and other divorce nuances

Contrary to what many people may think about divorce, the process of separating doesn't always involve spouses who are seething with anger at each other. They may disagree on certain things, and they may not be particularly fond of each other once they decide to divorce -- but the idea that every divorce involves two angry spouses who lawyer up and then argue over every little aspect in their soon-to-be-dissolved marriage is a myth.

Divorce and pets: how custody of Fido works when you split

Imagine that you and your spouse have a pet dog, and for years the three of you live happily together. As the years go on, however, you and your spouse start to get into more fights; there's less of a connection between the two of you; and eventually, you both realize that your marriage is untenable. You and your spouse agree to file for divorce.

33 percent of 2011 divorces referenced 'Facebook'

How often do you think the website Facebook is referenced in a divorce filing? Though the social networking site can make for an easy marketplace for former flames to rekindle the fire (and, thus, make for very complicated marriages and affairs), many people would probably say that the website is an uncommon factor in divorce. It may be a part of a divorce here and there, but not on a wide scale by any means.

Some steps to take once you decide to file for divorce

Divorce has a nasty reputation, and on the surface it makes sense. Divorce is the act of breaking people who were once in love apart. That's not an inherently "good" act. However, that perception is merely skin deep. Divorce is also a solution to an unhappy marriage; a flip of the page of life, allowing someone to move on to a new, and hopefully more fulfilling and happy, chapter; and a simple, if not (sometimes) contentious, way for people to come to grips with their marital problems.

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